Toy Trade

The day has come to clear out your wardrobe. The 2017 Hamilton Toy Trade Fair in Garden Place is on Saturday 16th 2017 from 10am – 2pm.
Here’s the beauty of the Toy Trade Fair: not only will kids get rid of their unwanted toys and other belongings, but they’ll also learn the value of money and business. Children between the ages of 5 and 12 will have the opportunity to operate their own stall or walk around and swap their toys with other children!


Download your registration form here
There’s another upside: trading is also an environmentally friendly way to get rid of items the kids longer want.
What can you sell?
Children can bring along any unwanted or gently used toys, books, trading cards, clothes, comic books, video games (or anything else you think of). It just has to be stuff other children would like to buy or swap . There are two exceptions – no selling food or drinks.
Children can bring as many items as they wish. If only a few items are being brought along and the child(ren) do not want to set up a stall, they can just walk around the fair trying to sell or swap their items. The only conditions are they must be registered and have an accompanying adult on-site.
Please note: Only children’s items may be sold and children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. And because the event is an educational experience for the kids, each stall must have at least one child participating . Adults without a registered child will be asked to leave.